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Welcome to Knox Base, Knoxville’s newest coworking space! Conveniently located off North Broadway, our brand-new facility is being developed with your needs in mind. Our goal is to provide a simple yet inspiring environment where your business can thrive.

Knox Base is being developed in three phases: Cafe Membership (available now), Office Pre-leasing (summer 2024), and future expansion (2025). Currently, we are thrilled to offer cafe membership, which includes everything you need for productive work meetings and a taste of our vibrant community. Experience the collaborative energy, flexibility, and support that our coworking space has to offer. 

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Create community. Meet your budget. Grow your business.


Imagine having networking opportunities integrated into your workspace. CoWorking seamlessly combines collaborative social interactions with your workday, fostering innovation and connection at every turn.

CoWorking spaces offer a cost-effective option for entrepreneurs, startups, and those in remote or online roles. By sharing resources and amenities, you save on overhead expenses while accessing a professional and inspiring environment that enhances productivity and minimizes financial strain.

Whether it's a desk, office, or meeting room, you will be able to select your membership based on your needs, you will have the freedom to shape your workspace experience. Not to mention 24/7 access, ensuring you can work on your terms, whenever inspiration strikes.


Partial Coffee

What’s the best way to consistently serve a great product? Taking care of those around you. By prioritizing the wellness of those who make up the industry – whether that be our employees that provide great service, or the producers who provide an excellent product. We proudly source our goods from folks that we trust are doing a great job taking care of everyone in the supply chain. Our employees will have livable pay, opportunities for career development, and long-term access to ownership and decision-making. By doing this, we can be sure that you, our customer, can be well taken care of also.

Join us as we sip some coffee, and support our local small businesses all in one go. Did we mention we have outdoor tables for fur friends too? It’s true!